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COVID-19 has taken everyone by surprise. See our collection of posts on how to adapt your clinic, yourself and your skill set. helps shape the career journey of Physiotherapists to create more relatable, confident clinicians with higher level reasoning and content expertise.

We deliver online education and mentoring sessions via convenient video conferencing.

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No pre-recorded presentations or generic material. This is live, customised, ask-questions-as-you-go presentations and discussions.

For the individual, this means that your skills will advance faster and your expertise will shine through sooner. Your career will achieve 5-year goals by deliberate planning, not waiting for circumstance.

For the practice, we deliver a cohesive education package that improves treatments per episode, word of mouth referrals and staff retention. It’s an investment in greater revenue and profitability without the practice owner needing to compromise their clinical load to deliver staff PD.

The team behind is coordinated by Pete Colagiuri, Sports Physio, practice owner and former lecturer.

Check out our Physio professional development mentoring and group training programs.

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